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     The Mobius Strip is a one-sided non-orientable surface that was discovered by German mathematicians August Ferdinand Mobius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.  An ant can walk on all sides of the strip without crossing an edge. The Mobius Strip is seen as a symbol for infinity and also a symbol for recycling. The symbol can be portrayed as a paradoxical representation of the ongoing nature of life and its resources. Nothing is ever lost in the universe, just transferred onto a new form of energy, but still a part of the same path and rule. Our non-profit strives to represent this rule of infinity by incorporating strategies and programs that focus on the 5 R's; recover, recycle, reuse, re-purpose, and reduce.

   Our mission is to provide local ecosystems with plants, food, energy, water, and recycling that benefit people, animals, and the surrounding areas. 

   Our vision is to help revitalize towns and cities by building centers for new technologies, renewable energy, agriculture, and resource management.

Board of Directors

  Charles Harris (Chairman) - Charlie is a green building and sustainable design specialist that works with multiple non-profit agencies that focus on greening industry.  Charlie's passion is to create centers and programs for positive community impact through thoughtful architecture, entrepreneurship, resource production, and recycling.

  Jeff Freund (Secretary) - Jeff has experience in teaching, childhood development and coaching, Jeff is dedicated to implementing a hands on approach with the community to share knowledge that our lives reach higher potential with clean resources, outdoor activities and healthy food.

  Joel Hedgpeth IV (Treasurer) - Joey has expertise in agriculture involving new aeroponic technology and applied nutrients for more sustainable farming and cultivation.  His hopes are to create self sustaining centers for food, water, and energy that can help replenish local food deserts and impoverished areas.

  John Bennett - John is a CA licensed Renewable Energy Contractor, BPI Certified Building Analyst and Energy-Audit Supervisor. John has been active in working to improve the health, comfort, safety and bottom-line of families, schools and businesses for almost a decade.

  Aaron Hunter - Aaron is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor focused on the health and longevity of the community. Aaron embraces healthy, sustainable, and communal works projects that enhance people and the environment.

  Jesse Mendiola - Through his sociology studies, backpacking California, and travels to South America, Jesse has developed a passion to help his community through different environmental and social mediums.

  Jacob Weaver - Jake has experience in business and loan management with an enthusiatic drive for incorporating technology into a sustainable future for everyone.

  Mark Stephen - Mark studied environmental sciences and chemistry as an undergrad and is currently a law student. His interests are to promote wise resource use in ag and his goal for MCC is to educate and demonstrate methods of environmental stewardship.